Mediumship and the Afterlife

Every August about this time – depending upon the year – I virtually smell fall in the air. It is by far my favorite season which brings on the holidays. I adore the holidays!

It always gets me thinking about the celebration of the “Day of the Dead,” which is lovingly acknowledged by various cultures. These colorful and heartfelt celebrations and ceremonies give homage to the spirits who have journeyed before us. We honor them as we continue our journey here on Earth. They are not forgotten, for they live in our hearts and our souls forever.

Their evolution and evolvement remains with us and beyond us as they ascend to continue their journey with spirit. Our farewell is temporary, for we are all one connected by Source and we are never alone and always a family with Source.

The veil between our life here on Earth and the place where we travel to upon our ultimate transformation (some may refer to this place as Heaven) is quite thin.

My parents passed from here to heaven fifteen years ago. They were married for 67.5 years and knew one another all of their lives.

All along their beautiful lives together they always told my sister and I that they would go pretty much together. We would chuckle at the thought and say something like: “Nice trick- how are you both going to manage that?”

Their reply was always “Watch us.” And we did. My parents, Francesca and Joseph, passed from this Earth five months apart from one another. My dad led the way for Mom.

My parents were not very religious – although they were naturally spiritual in how they conducted their lives – adoring family, and many friends with giving hearts of two angels.

It wasn’t until close to Dad’s passing that Mom said, “You’ve got to release me and let me be with Dad. After all, he has a beautiful spot waiting for me, and he is awaiting me there.” We didn’t want to let her go and told her that was between herself, Dad, and God.

We negotiate our time on Earth with Spirit according to what we want to accomplish while here to evolve our souls and learn the lessons therein.

Mom and Dad became ill very close to one another and I actually saw my dad (after his passing) leaning up against the doorway to the kitchen, watching Mom cooking and tapping his fingers in anticipation of her departure. He was anxious to have her with him, and she left as soon as her and Spirit negotiated her journey to Heaven.

Friends and relatives wondered why I didn’t feel compelled to visit the cemetery where they both were interned. I didn’t have to visit them – they are frequent visitor in my home to this very day.

The nanosecond we are released from our body, we as spirits are released from our body, we as spirits are lifted and ascend onto what some call afterlife – to be at “home” with Source and with loved ones who have ascended before us.

So much of these concepts are built upon deep faith and our belief systems.

What do I believe for starters is that we are spirits living in these bodies for a while as we evolve our souls. It is not the other way around. We are not bodies with souls. We are spirits first and we are all eternal. That is the good news!

And it’s all about love as Spirit loves their children unconditionally – always protecting and providing a home eternally.

More discussions regarding mediumship and the afterlife to follow. I have been a grief counselor and have given “past life regression” readings for many years now. If you or someone you know is interested or in need of these services or my other modalities, please contact me and I will be happy to hear from you. You can make an appointment for a session at your earliest convenience. Thank you for reaching out. I am in service to assist you always.

Namaste to all of my brothers and sisters.

Josie Teresi

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