The Loop — A Pathway to Positive Thoughts

Josie Teresi, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

“Think positive thoughts.”  I repeat, “Think positive thoughts” will ya?!

We as residents of this planet; with what we have been through and still going through this last year plus with the COVID 19 scare and so much more shaking our world – we are asked to “think positive.”

It is a good thing to think positive and to also believe in positive thinking and believing, but for some of us it is easier said than done; especially since modern psychology tells us that our brain is set up to automatically go to the negative thought.  So now we have a fight on our hands and it begins with our thoughts.

Some of us have a tougher time with this concept than others.  The fact of the matter is: positive thinking and believing does us so much good that it’s worth the battle.  Just know with positive thoughts you can win in life.  Negative patterns and thoughts just keep us stuck and stagnant.

Being a fearless warrior and facing our shadow side is something spirit encourages in us all; therefore, moving through fears is necessary to realize that we have it good in so many ways and focusing on the good gets us through the tough times.

Positive thoughts keep us in a higher vibrational energy and we meet others in this higher place so we can love one another and support our brothers and sisters because why?  Because we are all connected with the Source.

There is much talk about being in the 3rd dimension and soaring into the 5th dimension where Jupiter aligns with Mars, and like the song, “We are at the dawning of the age of Aquarius.”  “The Fifth Dimension” wrote this song back in the day; when we as the Sixties Generation practiced peace and brother/sisterhood for the times then and for our future generations.  The flower children of that generation were learning to strive for elevated thoughts and how powerful this concept is for keeping peace among our planet patrons.

Okay, we know that thinking positive is the only real way to know ourselves and others in love, but how do we get to the point of automatically thinking in a positive way?

As human beings we realize that we all go through our own personal challenges, transformations, and emotional upheavals in this life.  Coming to a place of acceptance that everything happens to and for us for a reason give us excellent incentive to keep a good attitude.  I always say: “A challenge good or not so good is for our blossoming and/or our pruning.”  All designed for our growth.

When a positive, creative, and loving thought enters our mind, bringing it down to live in your heart is loving for ourselves and it is set in our souls forever!

When we find ourselves existing in the rabbit hole of negative thinking, we can practice the following steps to raise our vibrational thinking and soar to new and desirable heights.g

  1. Surround yourself with like-minded people.  Loved ones who strive to live positive lives and knowing what they put out to the universe comes back to them three-fold.  Reach out to your positive thinking friends and family.  There is power in numbers.
  2. This is a practice I have had some success with: When I find myself looping over and over again some hurtful event form the past, I immediately close my eyes and visualize the seemingly negative thought or person who hurt me.  I then visualize myself with a huge eraser, and I simply erase the image from my mind – allowing it to dissipate and disappear from my mind.  Yay!  When the image has left my mind, I say out loud or to myself (depending on where I am) to “Cancel and Delete.”  These words and images can be powerful, so I reserve them exclusively for combating negativity.  This is so when my mind hears those words and sees the visualization it works very powerfully within my mind and being.
Positive Thinking 9

3. Surround yourselves with things and feeling you love and help to raise your environmental vibration in your home, or office, or anywhere you spend your precious time.  Rooms you sleep in, recreate, or work in all will benefit from fresh flowers of plants.  Growth and color bring positive energy.  

Music also raises the vibrational vibe; especially classical or healing music of any kind.  But mostly whatever type of music is your passion will benefit.  Fresh air and nature bring us closer to Source.  Open the windows and go out walking to bring you closer to Source.  Burning incense and sage regularly to clear and clean areas of home/office and garden helps to keep lower vibrational energies at bay.


Dissipating negative thoughts form your mind and being is telling the Universe how much you love yourself.  The past is gone.  We only own the good memories.  The hurtful ones cannot hurt us any longer; thus, erase them from your being and replace them with the glorious thoughts found in meditation, prayer, and hypnotherapy.

By the way, the Source does not recognize the major gap between negative and the positive like we do.  To the Universe, all is designed to teach the soul to evolve while learning here on Earth, therefore, it’s all good.  Fear which springs form negative thoughts is human-made.

This blog is designed simply to open up this conversation.  There is so much more to say on this subject, but it’s a beginning.  There will be more blog posts on this subject.

My wish and prayer for you all is to look at your life with gratitude and appreciation for all we are blessed with and this as well helps eradicate the darkness of lower vibrational thought.  

Namaste always,

Josie Teresi, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

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