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Choosing a Higher Consciousness – Josie Teresi

Choosing a Higher Consciousness

Choosing a Higher Consciousness

“Our earthly laws and doctrines were never required to make total sense.  Working to change laws that make little sense is one thing we can do to create a higher purpose within our world.


Diseases – so many are preventable simply by transcending our human behavior.  Deaths caused by disagreements can be prevented by changing human behavior as well; this can be accomplished by changing our beliefs.

Our youth will define tomorrow

The beautiful stars which we know as our Youth of today will define the culture and the society of tomorrow.  And with the tools we have been given, we can produce a higher consciousness, if we so choose.

One of the main behaviors we are now being challenged to change is the tendency to seek only short-term gratification with the possibility of becoming blinded by long-term  consequences.

Not all of our current conditions in this life can be cured but they can be healed.  A cure is a change in the condition; a healing is a change in the way a condition is experienced.  

Healings are blessings and these blessings can become miracles.  Miracles do not occur outside of us or our experiences.  Miracles are created by us from the way we move through every aspect of our lives.  Miracles begin on the inside.”

(Excerpt from “You Were Born A Star…Now What?”by Josie Teresi, published 2015


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